Our Services

At Five Ways Pharmacy we want to help you get the most out of your prescription medication. We also want you to stay fit and healthy. We offer you a range of FREE NHS SERVICES to help you achieve this:

Free Prescription Collection and Delivery Service

We dispense both NHS and Private prescriptions. We can order, collect and deliver your prescriptions direct to your home or place of work, saving you the time and hassle.

We will ensure your medication is packaged securely and discreetly in plain packaging to maintain your confidentiality.

All medication deliveries must be signed for by an adult.

Electronic Prescription Service:

We can handle your prescriptions more efficiently by offering you the Electronic Prescription Service. This is a reliable, secure and confidential evolution of the current paper-based prescription service.  If you decide to nominate us as your chosen pharmacy we can receive your prescriptions electronically via the computer from your GP surgery. This then allows us to dispense your medication and deliver it direct to your chosen address.

One-Off Prescriptions

If you have a ‘one off’ prescription that you would like us to dispense for you, we can arrange this too. Please contact us with the details of your prescription.  We can then advise you of the most efficient way to obtain that prescription from you.  We would usually require you to send your prescription to us via Royal Mail Post or we can arrange collection of the prescription from you depending on your address and location. Once we have your prescription we can dispense it and arrange secure delivery of the medication to your home or other nominated address.  Contact us today or phone us on 0121 630 2680 to discuss further.

NHS Repeat Dispensing

If your GP is participating in the NHS Repeat Dispensing Scheme we can dispense and deliver your prescriptions to you every month without you having to contact your GP every time you need your medication. This service is usually for patients that are stable on regular medicines to control their condition. Your GP will issue a batch of prescriptions for 3 months or even up to 12 months at a time. Call us for further information about this service.

Support with Medicine Usage

We can organise your medication into weekly trays to help you take the correct medicines at the right time of day – helping you to remember every dose.

Disposable of Unwanted Medication

We can accept any medicines that you no longer need and dispose of them safely. You can drop them into our secure pharmi-bin at our premises.  We have a contract with a specialist waste agency that ensures safe disposal of unwanted medication with minimal impact on the environment.

Advice on Self Care

Our expert pharmacy team are available to advise you on treating minor illnesses and recommending appropriate over-the-counter medicines to help alleviate your symptoms.  You can contact us via email or telephone and we are always happy to help. We can even deliver your over-the-counter remedies direct to your door.

Healthy Lifestyle Advice

We are available to advise on all aspects of healthy eating and nutrition. There are many health benefits of keeping active and participating in regular exercise. Contact us via email or telephone for further information.

Signposting to Other Services

We always try to help our patients as much as we can. If however we feel that you would benefit from further support we will endeavor to direct you to the most appropriate health professional for further advise.

New Medicines Service

When your doctor prescribes a new medicine to treat your condition we can offer support and advice to ensure you take the new medication as prescribed without suffering any unwanted side effects etc. We usually do this by keeping in contact with you during the first 4 weeks of your new medicine being prescribed.

Care Homes and Nursing Home Medication

We pride ourselves in the valuable medicines management service we can provide for residents in Care Homes and Nursing Homes.Our dedicated team can take care of all aspects of medicines management from ordering prescriptions through to delivery of all requested items in good time. We have robust systems in place to reduce Care/Nursing Home Manager’s time spent on medication ordering processes. Please refer to our ‘Carer Support’ page for further information.

Free Blood Pressure Testing

Up to one in three adults has high blood pressure and many do not have any symptoms. We can do a simple test to check your blood pressure and provide you with a written result of your reading via email or text message for your records.

Free Diabetes Screening

We can check your blood sugar levels by doing a finger prick blood test. We can provide you with your blood glucose reading via text or email. We can also provide you with literature on how to manage your condition.

Free Medicines Check up

This is a confidential consultation with the Pharmacist to review the medicines that you take to ensure that you are using them correctly to gain the maximum benefit from them.  The pharmacist will provide valuable information on what the medicines are used for, identify any possible side effects that you may be experiencing and identify any compliance problems that you may have associated with the prescribed regimen.

Over The Counter Remedies

We have a wide range of over the counter remedies (non prescription) to help alleviate symptoms of minor illnesses.  We stock all the pharmacy remedies that you have become accustomed to in the community. We sell these remedies ‘over the counter’ and can deliver them direct to your door. Please contact us with your health enquiry and our pharmacist will be more than happy to discuss your symptoms and recommend the most appropriate treatment.

Umbrella Sexual Health Services:

Free Emergency Hormonal Contraception

We are pleased to announce that we can now provide FREE Emergency Hormonal Contraception; as long as you live within a Birmingham or Solihull postcode, you can obtain Free Emergency Contraceptives, once you have had a confidential consultation with our Umbrella Pharmacist.
Please call the Pharmacy to check availability on  0121 630 2680.

Free Condom Distribution 

We stock a wide range of Condoms and provide Free Condoms in a discreet and confidential manner.

STI Testing Kits

Please note we distribute the STI Testing kits, however these must first be ordered online via the Umbrella Website.

Flu Vaccine and Covid Booster Injection

Drop into Five Ways Pharmacy during our opening hours: Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm for your Annual Flu Vaccine and Covid Booster Injection. No Appointment Necessary. Stay Protected Stay Safe.