Community Carer Support 

Our team at Five Ways Pharmacy are here to support you in caring for your friends and family in the community. We offer a range of services to help assist you in offering them the highest level of care.

1. FREE Prescription Collection & Delivery Service

We can take control of ordering and collecting prescriptions from the patients’ GP surgery.  We will then prepare the medication at our pharmacy and our dedicated drivers will deliver them direct to the patients home or other nominated address. This valuable service will give you peace of mind knowing that your friends and family will always receive their medication in good time. Click here to download our PDF form

2.  Medication Dispensed in Weekly Trays
Our FREE Medication Trays help patients cope more easily with taking lots of different medicines.  We understand that multiple medication regimens can be difficult and confusing. Our weekly trays could help to ensure someone you care for takes the correct medication at the right time of day as prescribed by their doctor.

Correct Medication

All of the prescribed medicines are in one simple pack which contains seven day’s supply. 4 packs are supplied – one for each week of the month. Each blister in the tray contains the correct amount of each type of medicine that the GP has prescribed.

Right Time

All of the medication is clearly labelled: Morning, Lunch, Teatime and Evening to help ensure the medication is taken at the right time each day.

3.  Compliance Aids:
Large Print Labels – To help patients that find it difficult to see the dosage instructions stated on the dispensing labels. 

MAR Sheets – To ensure an accurate record is kept of the Medicines that have been administered to the patient and to help provide an audit trail of the person responsible for administering the medication. 

Non Click-Lock Tops – To help ease the difficulty that some patients experience in getting the caps off medicine bottles.

4. Dedicated Support Line
Our expert team at Five Ways Pharmacy are available to offer advice and support on all aspects of medicines management e.g. dosage instructions, side effects, over the counter remedies etc. We are always happy to helpContact us today